About me

at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

Hola ! For the random stumbler who stumbled onto my blog, I’m a total foodie, safe to say almost a borderline insane when it comes to seeking out food that I believe is a must try !

I’ve woken up to an alarm many a times at ungodly hours of the day, only to walk (half asleep!) few miles in the scorching Melbourne summer, to grab brekkie and coffee from some of the best cafes in the city, before they close their shutters ! I’ve also pulled along fellow late risers, who grumble all the way only to thank me later that I pulled them along !

I’m always on the lookout for new fooding joints, cafes and/or maybe just new foods to try, from across the different cultures !

So it’s my humble attempt to document these fooding expeditions and share it with fellow foodies to enrich my experiences further !!


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