Chillax is a 24hr coffee lounge off the Cochin Bypass which makes it an ideal pitstop for the weary travellers; or so is the intention of the place, I’m guessing.

The Food & Drinks Hot Coffee which went by the name Chillax Special didn’t do any justice to the category of Freshly Brewed Coffees.

However the food is good and decently priced. Yum tasting grilled veg. club sandwich. The french fries however tasted bad and were possibly fried in stale oil. 

The Ambience Lovely ambience – Harley Davidson themed insides with lots of memorabilia. Well lit – mood lighting. The music playing was a tad too loud which befits a pub ambience than a coffee lounge.

Other makes/breaks 24hrs is a definite attraction !

Still needs to seen how long this is gonna stay in business in Cochin, where there is hardly any night life. Gauging from the timing, they may have to hang in there till Cochin graduates from it’s young city status.

But hey I love the fact that it remains open 24hrs and as long as there are enough insane guys like me out here, voila !! m/



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