The Punjab House – Broadway, Cochin

This little cutaway restaurant off Broadway, boasts of serving some of the best Punjabi food in town. Always bustling with patrons, who are mostly the North Indian community living in Cochin and the odd few others who love Punjabi food.

The Food & Drinks Food served is vegetarian and always fresh, with the highlight of the lot being Aloo Paranthas topped with a dollop of Amul butter (charged extra). With this the need for a side dish is largely avoided. Finish off the meal with a sweet lassi and you’ll be really full! In a nutshell this is a no nonsense veg dhaba which serves decent hot food and lassi.

The Ambience Though not anything like that of a typical Dhaba, the rush hour mode at all times in the restaurant adds a certain dhaba ambience to it. The place is usually jam packed after the matinee show at Sridhar and few mins of waiting is guaranteed.

Other makes/breaks Being an old school restaurant there is no option of making reservations in advance. This makes waiting time on most occasions unavoidable.

Drop in for dinner at around 8 30 pm and one may be able to get away with the wait m/ !!



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