Campos Coffee, Melbourne

Campos Coffee, Carlton, Melbourne 

On 28th November 2010, Sunday, I walked into the Campos Coffee outlet in Melbourne.

This is a specialty coffee vendor that has a fantastic reputation for fine coffee in Sydney. The Melbourne one, opened quite recently, therefore didn’t feature in the Melbourne Coffee Review 2010.

Nevertheless, I got the wind of it much attributed to my new interest in being a regular on Given that the place is at a stone’s throw from where I live, I did not need any more invitation to check it out!

So I got there in time, few hours before they closed for the day, for a cup of coffee. Though a huge coffee addict and an aspiring coffee aficionado, I was a little unsure about the bean and type of coffee to pick when I stood at the order table, So hesitantly I asked the Barista, who was more than happy to help me out. He suggested I go for black if I choose the Siphon or white if I preferred the house blend. So I went for the Campos Superior house blend in Latte. I also bought an almond croissant to go with it.

So I waited patiently for 10 mins while my latte was made. A sip of it told me, the extraction was one of the most perfect ones I have ever had. The bitterness was just right and the temperature too, I presume – neither cold nor too hot. The Verdict Coffee: 8.0,

Ambience: 7.0, Service: 7.5

Other makes/breaks Being a specialty coffee vendor, they also have cupping sessions scheduled over the year, which needs a booking and is usually done on a first come first serve basis. 

This is a definite recommendation to look up whenever you are in Sydney or Melbourne and need a good hit of coffee!!



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