House of Wang’s / Wang’s Kitchen – Kaloor, Cochin

Checked in here 3 times in the last 2 months’ and my taste buds have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious treats that this Indo-Chinese restaurant offers ! 

The Food & Drinks Wang’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes from the actual Chinese menu. One quickly notices the absence of Manchurian dishes, which gives hope to foodies who are looking for authentic chinese preparations, though the steamed dumplings and dim-sims are dearly missed. Taste wise though, it’s more Indo-Chinese, which debatably is more popular with the locals. All in all, the dishes are really well prepared and the portions are large. Must Try Crabmeat soup, Phuket Fish, Sesame Prawns.  

The Ambience One of the more gratifying aspects at Wang’s is the ambience. Red chinese hanging lanterns and pictures of old chinese artifacts on the table mats adds more value to the fooding experience. 

Other makes/breaks Good service and reasonably priced. Valet parking available.

Being one of the best restaurants in Cochin in this category, the whole experience is just excellante !



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