Elevate Lounge

Elevate – The Lounge, Pune

This one was a surprising find; cutaway from the Dalchini restaurant its part of, down a dark passage to the right after acsending the stairs, it opens up into a mood lit pub ! I probably had the  same feeling readers of spy novels have, when one figures out this underground secret den, totally oblivious to the unassuming onlooker from outside!!

The Food and Drinks Draught beer is what drew us to this place. Served in frosted mugs, they certainly know their trade here. The menu is extensive though catering mostly North Indian and Asian cuisine. In this the feather in their cap is perhaps the preparation of the Empress Chicken ! Truly Excellantè !!

The Ambience This is the WOW factor of this pub ! Perfect lighting complimenting the interior decor; featuring bar stools for the ones loving that kind of a experience and regular couches and chairs & tables like every other restaurant. Elevate has, thankfully a DJ who knows his job well and a lovely playlist that will set the mood. The music gets livelier and louder post 9 30 pm until closing time.

Other makes/breaks The service is pretty decent and the waiters are never trying to override your choices, which, mind you is a big relief ! Prices are a bit steep, but one helluva experience if you’re in Pune and looking out for a place to crash on a Friday evening !



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