Cafe Maroo

Café Maroo – Aundh, Pune

Café Maroo boasts to be one of the authentic Korean specialty restaurants in Pune. Nestled away quite obscurely, this place is mostly favoured by Korean patrons and the occasional Punekar who loves Korean cuisine.

The Food & Drinks Since I’ve had the Kimchi Ramen from the Korean cuisine many a times, I decided to order the Dak Bulgogi with Maroo rice. Maybe it was just not one of their best preparations, but I wasn’t too impressed. To me it tasted more Malaysian than Korean. The Bulgogi wasn’t prepared with grilled meat and had coconut too in it. I had a feeling whether they Indianized it or just gave me something else instead! The Ssukcha latte was however nice. 

The Ambience Is definitely one of their better strengths. The walls have all sorts of things – visitor comments, traditional Korean showpieces, some older snapshots of the restaurant itself from the time when it was started etc. A cosy little place with sofa sitting on the 1st floor.

Other makes/breaks A tad too expensive. The service is quite good and the owner himself takes care of the non-Korean visitors to make sure everything is all right.

Perhaps I might order something different on my next visit!!


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