Peter Pan

Peter Pan – FC Road, Pune

Having quite a reputation around this side of town for their continental style breakfast offerings, on Sunday morning we walked into Peter Pan with high spirits. Other than the table next to ours that was occupied, the place was still empty.

The Food & Drinks We ordered a rather extensive array of foods off their menu – Peach Melba, Farmers Omelet, Grilled Chicken Omelet, Blueberry Pancakes and Classic Belgian Waffles.  Peach Melba was beautifully prepared and the presentations of all the items were excellent. Neither the Blueberry Pancakes nor the Classic Belgian Waffles impressed us much.  The coffees were of acceptable quality, but overall I have to say that the reputation or the menu for that matter didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

The Ambience A deck of cards on the walls, somewhere between that of a fairy tale book and that of a diner; it looked nice. Perhaps in the evening with the lights turned on, might accentuate the décor. A little place and certainly eye-catching from the outside!

Other makes/breaks Peter Pan has a self-service counter; a rather small one. Though a foursquare offer for first timers was an indication of a strong social networking presence, the staff did not entertain my claim, 5 minutes post billing. I felt that was just an excuse and poor customer handling.

As long as you are not a critique who uses a smartphone – you are still all right J


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