Zikomo – Baner, Pune

I’ve been wanting to check out this place ever since it started showing up on my “find-me-food” radar (Zomato and the likes). So one Sunday afternoon, there we were hoping for a treat – and treated we were!

The Food & Drinks The menu features exotic and “hmmm, I wonder how that might taste” kind of items, like, Ciopinno – Fisherman’s Seafood soup from Italy, Fish Goujons, Fungi Alla Trapanese – apparently roasted mushrooms on French baguette, Boerewors – An African preparation;  and Hungarian Goulash. I’ll give them a 7/10 for taste and 8/10 for presentation.

Boerewors – African style chicken sausage preparation – pretty good !

Fish Goujons

The Ambience I can’t believe a restaurant of such reputation takes such less care of its ambience.  Everything about the things you see here, the interior architecture, music that’s played, wall hangings/souvenirs strikes a discord. There was a miniature of the Eiffel Tower and a wall frame of Lord Krishna; a big window in a corner providing the entire lighting; and music befitting a discotheque! Disappointing!

Other makes/breaks 10% off on the first visit and progressively more for the next three. But have to save the bill for proof – ouch, bad marketing!

Go for the food, and oh, bring your own music!


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