Grilled Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Grilled Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Looks yum!? Yea, well tastes too 🙂 here’s how to make your own,

What You’ll Need – {2 sandwich recipe}

Wheat bread – 4 slices

Canned tuna in oil – 180 g

1/2 medium sized onion – chopped

1/2 capsicum – chopped

Mexican seasoning – Old El Paso – 1 tbsp (you could use your own variation to get a different flavour)

Chilli powder – 2 tbsps

1 small green chilli – chopped

Tomato ketchup – 1 tbsp

Caesar salad dressing – 1 tbsp

Olive Oil – 1 tbsp

Shallow non-stick pan

Sandwich maker – to grill (optional) 


HEAT the non-stick pan ; add olive oil; half a min l8r, chopped capsicum & onion; let it sizzle for a minute; add the seasoning, stir; remove from flame !

{{WARM the sandwich maker}}

TAKE the tuna in a small bowl and stir in the seasoned onions & capsicum !

ADD in chilli powder, chopped chilli, caesar salad dressing & tomato ketchup !

STIR a little voraciously, if you may; works up an appetite 😉

SPREAD on 2/4 bread slices; cover with the other 2

GRILL for a minute;


Bon Appetite 🙂

Your Truly,


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