Brews @ The Irish Village Brewery

Opposite the road to HRC (in KP, Pune), hidden under the blazing lights of Chillies restaurant lies this little known Irish Brewery. A nice find I must say, given that this is a proper brewery with 4 quite different brews of beer.

They serve their own stout, ale, lager and german wheat beer which go under the names of Stout O’ Sullivan, Ale O’ Connor, Lager O’ Reilly and Wheat O’ Mullins.


I loved their stout which had the typical coffee-like taste and probably their ale the second best. The lager was smooth and tasted just like any others. The German wheat beer was good too, though probably I’m not so much used to the taste of it yet.

We enjoyed the drinks and the food was also pretty decent. What was definitely a let down was their music! Either we picked a wrong day to visit or it was just plain unacceptable that they have a salsa saturday night in an Irish themed pub. It’s not like there is any dearth of good Irish music to play; for that matter the Irish are quite well known for their traditional pop-folk genre ๐Ÿ˜› Instead they kept on playing spanish tracks one after the other (cuando mi latido del corazรณn de Irlanda; courtesy google translate, I don’t speak any :D) !

The decor did a fair bit of justice to the ambience. There were brewing tanks, wooden tables and chairs, Irish flags on the ceiling; and then EPL, yeah that’s where they got the English and Irish mixed up !! I trust the boyos won’t be happy after all, aye ?!

Nevertheless, stop by for their brews, they are all what’ll draw you there. I’m coming back again and that I’m sure, to shake a leg with Stout O’ Sullivan !





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