Grilled Potato Omelette S/W

Grilled Potato Omelette S/W

This one’s a new delight if you are fond of sandwiches as I’m. I wanted to try something different (as usual), but this one didn’t come to me in one shot. The idea was to use potatoes, but in an unconventional form !

So, I grabbed a potato, peeled it and set off to grate it like a mad chef (self-proclaimed :P, I know) ! That’s when I realized the potato is quite juicy on the inside (now I’m sure of the vodka claim!) and went on to squeeze the water out so as to prepare it for the next step;

So I greased a grill/bake pan with some oil and spread out the grated (and squeezed out) potato. Sprayed a little oil on it (olive/canola) and set it to grill a good 8 mins. As they started to brown and emanate a mouthwatering aroma, I shifted this carefully into a pan and cracked few eggs into it. I let the egg coagulate around the grilled potato, added some pepper and salt to taste.

Once this was done, I cut them up into 3 pieces (makes 3 s/ws) and neatly put them on a bread slice. On the other bread (usually it takes 2 breads to make a s/w, if not more ;)), I used some creamy ricotta !

Grilled for 2 mins !!

Bon Appetite \m/


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