Eggplant Rucola PIZZA

Eggplant Rucola PIZZA

A must try for those who have pledged to eat only herbs and nothing more ! We had eggplants sitting at home and in Indian kitchens they are used in various forms in dishes and are quite popular with the locals.

However, we had some Pizza bases that needed attention, before they started to run stale. That’s when I thought of trying something different with the eggplant.

So here’s what’ll you’ll be doing to make one of the best veggie pizzas πŸ˜‰

Cut the eggplants into thin circles and brush them with a little oil and grill them for few mins until lightly crisp.

Now as you would make any pizza, spread out your favourite pizza sauce on the pizza base (red base preferred). Arrange the crispy grilled eggplants, along with onions (cut into rings) neatly on the base. To add to the pleasure of making it more tasty, and healthy, use some rucola leaves (spinach or any other herb of your choice). Spread some ricotta cheese over this and grill away for about 3 mins (& no more!)

Bon Appetite \m/


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