Brewing in Melbourne – The Moka Pot

Coffee machines, broadly fall into these categories – the Espresso machine, Drip Filter, French Press & the Moka Pot.

Previously, I have owned and used the espresso machine & the drip filter (regular, cheap commercial ones).

Moka Pot

This was my first attempt at using the Moka Pot, considered by coffee aficionados of the yesteryear’s, as one of the finest forms of making coffee. A design patented in the early 1900s by
Luigi De Ponti.

I wasn’t quite sure initially how the whole experiment would turn out. But at the end of it when the brew finally collected in the collecting chamber, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by the simplicity of this stove-top espresso maker. As they say, the brew is much stronger (higher caffeine content) than what you’d get using a drip filter coffee machine.

Perhaps not the fastest to make a cuppa in the morning if you are in a hurry, but certainly the one that gives you the satisfaction of being your home’s own Barista !

Yours Truly


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