Idiot’s Guide to Mulled Wine – Insanely Simple & Cheap !

Red wine is certainly one of the most popular and more socially accepted drinking options in winter;ย  well, it just got exponentially better with mulling spices added to it. It is a fantastic option for several (valid) reasons,

1) It is a brilliant concoction to keep yourself warm in the colder months

2) Easiest to make and requires absolutely no expert culinary skills

3) And most importantly, it enhances the flavour of cheap wine!

And the joy of making something as fine as this within a $10 budget is unparalleled, and trust me when I say it leaves you patting yourself on the back. Although googling Mulled Wine brings up a plethora of recipes, mostly with the same set of details, my recipe is probably the most simplest. Yeah, like how could a four bulleted recipe get any simpler? This way,

What you’ll need and mind you, this is a bare minimum, less fussier and straight to the point RECIPE; after all who wants to waste time with these sort of things, right?

SPICES – Get cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves; Don’t get anything more, this will impart enough flavour! And just QTR a handful will do. It’s precious, let’s not go overboard !

Lemon – 2 wedges

Raw sugar – 1 tbsp

Orange/ Orange Juice – doesn’t matter; I tried with both, and I can tell you whichever is around is just fine. Although if you are using oranges, you need to use some water initially to brew the spices.

Red Wine – I preferred using the Precious Earth Shiraz Merlot 2013. Bought it at Aldi for $2.69. No, don’t judge me yet! It’s a pretty decent wine and hey, that’s the point here, we are transforming mediocre drinks into delectable ones!

Insanely Mulled Wine Method

Now get a brewing pot and add the spices(a little at a time), sugar, the bitters and a splash of wine. I wouldn’t use more in the fear of losing it to alcohol evaporation!

Keep it brewing; keep spice levels in check – I like it spicy – you may not, so I suggest you add as you taste it from time to time!

Once you are happy with the flavour, simmer the heat and add the wine and wait for a few mins.

That’s it ! Serve immediately into your fancy tumblers. Simply delicious! Want a twist, add a dash of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – ‘n now ye’ll better be swin’in’ along wit’ a glass in one hand ‘n a rusted hook in th’ other! Arr Arr it !

DRINK RESPONSIBLY ( they just say that everywhere, so I thought I should it up too)

\m/ theinsanefoodie


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