Recently I signed up to be part of the indiblogger community. Although, I’m someone who writes at a pace and on a topic, my hands feel itchy to write about, I do need the push every now & then to publish something.

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Likewise, I received a notification today about – a single pit stop for car enthusiasts. They’ve got some interesting stuff up there – drive experiences, reviews, latest industry news..they’ve got it all.

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The All American Diner, Lavasa, Pune

This is one of those restaurants that makes Lavasa an attraction to visit ! Easy to find as soon as you reach Lavasa; this place is always bustling with patrons who love American food !

The Food is great and the menu offers a wide variety of popular American diner options. We loved the Big Breakfast and Buffalo Wings the most, though almost everything on the menu that we tried were just fantastic. Perhaps, not wanting to mislead the odd patron who doesn’t know that the Buffalo Wings are actually Chicken wings, they have gone the extra mile by adding Chicken to the name, making it sound a bit redundant to a foodie 🙂 But otherwise, a well prepared menu. The watermelon juice that we ordered though wasn’t very fresh and was quite disappointing. The waiters don’t seem to know much, not do they live up to the quality of the place, but one can always concentrate more on the food itself !

The Ambience is what will draw you to this restaurant in the first place. The decor is fantastic, even better than the Soda Rock Diner (another review on it’s way ;)) in Melbourne. It has everything from I Love Lucy posters, Harley Davidsons, Corvettes to Elvis and Superman on the walls, adding to the classic checkerboard tiles and red chairs typical of a diner! So that’s everything proudly American ! It’s just really wonderful.

Other makes/breaks Well service is a bit on the tardy side and waiters I must add are a bit lost. But well, if you already know what you want, that’s not very bothering; plus you can always get past the tardiness reading the funny wall posters and deciding what to order for dessert !!

A definitive must try !!


Kettuvallam – Kaloor, Kochi 

Kettuvalam Restaurant has opened it’s new outlet at Kaloor off late and though this wasn’t exactly the restaurant I had in mind, while driving past it, we decided to give it a try ! 

This restaurant is located in a prime location, slightly away from the buzz of Kochi City, almost equidistant from the either sides of the Edapally – Kochi stretch. 

The Food Featuring dishes from Kerala and apparently better known for it’s seafood specialities, we went for the Prawns dry fry in the starters and were quite happy with the traditional preparation and the spice. In the main course though, the Meen (Fish) Mappas and Nadan (Kerala Style) Chicken Curry were quite a bit of a let down and didn’t taste anything like the traditional recipe. The Kadai Vegetable went a tad overboard with spices and wasn’t much of a delight either. Seafood – 7.5/10 Overall – 6.5/10 

The Ambience Really, this is one thing that stands out in the restaurant. The outside of the restaurant is built up in the form of a traditional Kettuvallam (Houseboat) and the inside decor has wall paintings of fishing boats; walls are lined with coir/bamboo mats and the overall feel befits the theme of the restaurant. 8.5/10

Other makes/breaks Given the area of the restaurant this is primarily meant to accommodate smaller groups of people and the parking space is much limited (3-4 cars in front). 

The restaurant is one of few in Kochi serving authentic Kerala cuisine and for that matter is a must try for anyone looking for a Nadan treat. 


House of Wang’s / Wang’s Kitchen – Kaloor, Cochin

Checked in here 3 times in the last 2 months’ and my taste buds have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious treats that this Indo-Chinese restaurant offers ! 

The Food & Drinks Wang’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes from the actual Chinese menu. One quickly notices the absence of Manchurian dishes, which gives hope to foodies who are looking for authentic chinese preparations, though the steamed dumplings and dim-sims are dearly missed. Taste wise though, it’s more Indo-Chinese, which debatably is more popular with the locals. All in all, the dishes are really well prepared and the portions are large. Must Try Crabmeat soup, Phuket Fish, Sesame Prawns.  

The Ambience One of the more gratifying aspects at Wang’s is the ambience. Red chinese hanging lanterns and pictures of old chinese artifacts on the table mats adds more value to the fooding experience. 

Other makes/breaks Good service and reasonably priced. Valet parking available.

Being one of the best restaurants in Cochin in this category, the whole experience is just excellante !


The Punjab House – Broadway, Cochin

This little cutaway restaurant off Broadway, boasts of serving some of the best Punjabi food in town. Always bustling with patrons, who are mostly the North Indian community living in Cochin and the odd few others who love Punjabi food.

The Food & Drinks Food served is vegetarian and always fresh, with the highlight of the lot being Aloo Paranthas topped with a dollop of Amul butter (charged extra). With this the need for a side dish is largely avoided. Finish off the meal with a sweet lassi and you’ll be really full! In a nutshell this is a no nonsense veg dhaba which serves decent hot food and lassi.

The Ambience Though not anything like that of a typical Dhaba, the rush hour mode at all times in the restaurant adds a certain dhaba ambience to it. The place is usually jam packed after the matinee show at Sridhar and few mins of waiting is guaranteed.

Other makes/breaks Being an old school restaurant there is no option of making reservations in advance. This makes waiting time on most occasions unavoidable.

Drop in for dinner at around 8 30 pm and one may be able to get away with the wait m/ !!