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Hola ! For the random stumbler who stumbled onto my blog, I’m a total foodie, safe to say almost a borderline insane when it comes to seeking out food & drinks that I believe is a must try !

I’ve woken up to an alarm many a time at ungodly hours of the day, only to walk (half asleep!) few miles in the scorching Melbourne summer, to grab brekkie and coffee from some of the best cafes in the city, before they close their shutters ! I’ve also pulled along fellow late risers, who grumble all the way only to thank me later !

Although this blog started off as a regular journal to document just my various food expeditions, it has now organically evolved to include more of my cooking experiments and interesting food trivia that I’ve picked up on my journeys.

I’m always on the lookout to try something interesting and that often means out of the ordinary; and in today’s world, there ain’t no dearth of exciting stuff sprouting up, when it comes to food & drinks !

Be sure to leave a message if something in one of the posts gets you to sit up 😉





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